About Me

Hi! I am Sana Sayyed, a foodie, a chef and a lawyer in the same degree of priorities.I come from a typical Indian household, and that's why my love for food is almost natural. When you grow up to delicious aromas everyday it's hard to not be a foodie!

As a little girl I was always troubling my mom in the kitchen and would more than often be thrown out because I have two more sisters and if I were allowed they would have to be allowed too! And then there wouldn't be any cooking happening! So I took to cooking in our garden or on the terrace or at a friend’s place. Although initially all the recipes were copied from my mother, now my recipes come from my own experiments which are influenced from some cookbooks, television shows and some other blogs along with my own knowledge of food.

I would call my style of cooking mostly fusion because I don't stick to any one cuisine, rather I mix the ideas from a lot of them. Yet I definitely believe some recipes should be left intact as they taste best in their original form. Also, I am pretty net savvy, so I thought why not merge these two passions of mine and share my humble yet creative dishes with all you folks.

I have strived to make a dish better each time I have made it. My aim is to give my visitors an urge to try out the recipes and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The recipes over here are given in the simplest possible way, in which if any of your honoured visitors have any query, I shall be glad to help. Moreover, suggestions are most welcome.

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