Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ayran is a Turkish soup made basically from yogurt, it is very refreshing healthy and yummy; unlike the traditional soups Ayran is served chilled. It is my comfort food. I love it! Hope you’ll will like it too !!

Yogurt (1 cup)
Vegetable stock (1½ cup) (make sure your stock has a little bit of heat to it)
Chick peas (soaked overnight and boiled) (½ cup)
Wheat (soaked overnight and boiled) (½ cup)
Mint (a good bunch) (finely chopped)
Sugar (½ tbsp)
  1. Beat the curd until smooth.
  2. Mix the vegetable stock, chick peas, wheat, mint sugar, salt and yogurt well.
  3. Keep in the freezer for a while and serve chilled. Enjoy!!

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