Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Chunky watermelon milkshake

I am visiting my native place Satara (Maharashtra) I have never come here around this time of the year.  The climate is beautiful and everything looks green! There are farms everywhere I see. Looking at the agricultural side of India is fun. Living in Mumbai,  you never get to see this kind of stuff. Cooking here is a bliss everything is just so fresh! and somebody bought home this delicious watermelon and after eating all I could from it, I decided I wanted to make a milkshake from it for everyone else. Although the watermelon season has almost ended in India but for my friends that are going through summer right now this is one recipe you should try, its not the traditional milkshake but a chunky deliciousness. Everyone here loved it I am sure you will too:)

Ingredients :

Watermelon (a quarter part if using a big one and half part if using small one.) (de-seeded and chopped into little cubes)
Milk (1 litre)
Sugar (1-2 cups depending on how sweet the watermelon is. )
Rose essence (6-7 drops)
Red food color (optional)

Method :
  1. Completely dissolve the sugar in the milk add the essence and food color to it.  
  2. Add the watermelon chunks to the milk. Keep back a few watermelon chunks to add on top when you serve.  
  3. Serve chilled.

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