Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lychee caramel custard

This is one of my mom’s favourite!! I  Was making the normal caramel custard when I thought why no new flavors in a custard and then a search in my fridge and I found a lychee syrup, added it to my custard mix and tada.!! Mom loves it and I love it that she does.!!


Milk (2 cups)
Fresh cream(1 cup)
Eggs (2)
Lychee Syrup (2 big spoons)
Ice cream essence (few drops)
Sugar (6-7 tbsp depends on how sweet you want it)


  1. Warm the milk slightly and add the fresh cream and 2 tbspns sugar in it (if your lychee syrup is sugar based, if not you may need to add more according to your sweetness preferences), stir continuously till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  2.  Take a flat circular cooking vessel and pour 4-5 tbspns sugar in it, put the vessel on the gas and turn the gas on. The sugar will start melting soon.
  3.  Rotate the vessel continuously while heating. Soon the sugar will melt and turn amber in colour, at this point stop the heat and spread amber coloured caramel all over the vessel by tilting the vessel to spread the liquid.
  4.  Remember it should coat all the sides and the base completely; the liquid will form a layer on the sides of the vessel. 
  5. Keep the vessel aside for sometime now.Beat two eggs with a fork.
  6.  Now pour the lychee syrup in milk and mix well. Add the eggs to the milk now and a few drops of ice-cream essence. 
  7. Mix all the ingredients well.
  8.  Pour this into the vessel that we just coated with the caramel.(the pot should be big enough to contain the the vessel completely.)Put a pot on heat, filled half way with water. 
  9. Place a ring stand in the pot and place the vessel on the stand and cover the vessel with a lid and cover the pot with a lid too.
  10. After 20 mins turn the heat off and remove the vessel from the pot and let it cool.
  11. Place it in the refrigerator for an hour once cooled.Place a plate on the vessel and invert it, slowly lift the vessel up. Enjoy:)


  1. Hmm, looks yummy...will certainly try it out

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i am glad you think so. please do let me know if you like it:) enjoy:)



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