Sunday, 22 January 2012

kurkuri bhendi

This is a very interesting way of eating the vegetable and a way my very cranky brother eats it (he doesn’t eat it otherwise, not under any condition!!). You can use it as a side dish, a perfect tasty and healthy snack in itself or eat it with a chapatti. You decide!


Bhendi (okra or lady's fingers) (250 gms)
Soya sauce (2 tbsp)
Corn flour (3 tbsp)

Garlic cloves (6-7)
Red chilli powder (2 tsp)
Chaat masala (1 tsp)
Oil (for frying)

  1. Wash the bhendi and pat dry with a cloth.
  2. Now cut the bhendi in slant sections.
  3. Sprinkle 3 tbsp of corn flour on the bhendi and add 2 tbsp of soya sauce to this. Mix well, make sure every piece is properly coated with the corn flour and soya sauce.
  4. Deep fry the bhendi. Remember that the bhendi should not turn completely brown it should remain green, a light shade of brown is ok.
  5. Grind 6-7 cloves of garlic with 2 tsp of red chilli powder and 1tsp oil.
  6. Now, pour some oil in a pan and add the red chilli and garlic paste. 
  7. Add the fried bhendi to this and stir for 1 min add 1 tsp chaat masala and salt to it. Turn the heat of and serve hot!! Enjoy!!

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